“Business intelligence.” You’ve probably heard of it. But what, exactly, does “business intelligence” mean?

By “intelligence,” we mean the kind gathered by suave, beautifully coiffed spies who drive the car of your dreams. Information from the inside, from behind the lines, that gives you an edge.

Let’s see what it looks like in Tamarac Reporting:


The new Utilization report is business intelligence firing on all cylinders. With this report, you get the kind of intelligence James Bond can only dream of. Think:

  • Details on how your clients use the client portal, like how they access it, how long they stay, and how often they visit.
  • Metrics on the document vault, like how clients prefer to receive their files, how many files clients have, and percentage of files opened.
  • An up-to-the-minute count of clients, Households, and Household net worth.

It only takes a moment to imagine how this kind of intelligence can sharpen your edge. For example, imagine you want to encourage more clients to use the portal for document file-sharing. At one glance, you’ve got everything you need to identify current behavior. Then, over the course of the initiative, you can monitor those numbers to see how, and if, they’re moving in the direction you want.

We’re not saying this new report is as cool as a vodka martini, shaken not stirred–but it’s close. Cheers.

Written by Katie Ferguson

Katie is a Technical Writer responsible for Tamarac Reporting content, but she occasionally moonlights for Marketing writing content that isn't best displayed in numbered lists. Off business hours, you're likely to find Katie bicycling in the rain.

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