Nothing is more important to helping clients see they are on the road to financial wellness than the right financial plan. This process just got a whole lot easier with the integration of Envestnet | Tamarac and MoneyGuide, bringing together market-leading financial planning software with comprehensive technology solutions.

During a recent launch webinar with RIAs, we walked through a live demo of how this integration connects the solutions you offer clients today with a roadmap for the achievement of financial goals. The seamless connection between Tamarac Reporting® and MoneyGuide provides you with a powerful and transformative solution for delivering advice in the future. Here’s what our new view of integrated planning means for you and your clients:

Quality financial plans that address complex lives

Starting the goals-based financial planning process with MoneyGuidePro is easy and intuitive. From your Tamarac Reporting dashboard, simply gather your client’s financial data from the household view. Export this core data to the MoneyGuide platform where your client’s current situation is analyzed.

MoneyGuidePro then builds a recommended financial plan that provides your client with a higher success rate than the current plan, based on sophisticated solutions and smart assumptions. Import the recommended plan back to the Tamarac Reporting platform for review with your client.

Enhanced conversations with Financial Wellness Results

Through the client reporting view on Tamarac, you can build a digital experience for incorporating your client’s new financial plan into the client portal. With a series of tiles, simply drop your client’s financial wellness results into the dashboard. Review the new plan in your next client conversation and take the opportunity to discuss recommended changes and adjustments—to ensure the plan is in the right place.

Superior level of service that meets client needs

Engage your clients in the financial planning experience in the manner that works best for them—either through the client portal or their mobile device. And with your ability to develop a customized view of the results, you can help your clients see the strength of their plan. Soon, you will be able to incorporate financial plans into your standard PDF client performance reports.

Learn More

Learn how our integration with MoneyGuide can help you deliver the intelligent financial planning solution your clients need. Schedule a demo or give us a call at 866-525-8811. Missed the webinar? You can view a recording here.