While many people think of August as their last chance for summer fun, our Envestnet | Tamarac Reporting® team was hard at work rolling out enhancements to our trading and reporting capabilities. In fact, our pace of innovation has never been more robust. Because we don’t want you to miss any of our updates, we’re introducing a new blog series, “What’s New from Tamarac,” where we highlight the latest innovations that support your relationships with clients and, ultimately, your delivery of financial wellness.

Here’s a look at three enhancements we recently rolled out:

Added level of security with dual-factor authentication

We know data security is a top priority for you and your business. In response to your feedback, we’ve added new security controls to our dual-factor authentication (DFA). For starters, you now have the ability to require SMS authentication, making it the only DFA option available. This enhancement enforces the protection of true DFA. On top of that, we’ve also added the ability to disable the option for internal users who choose to trust their device upon authentication. With these changes, firm administrators maintain complete control over which, if any, of the DFA options they use.

Greater flexibility added to Committed Capital reports

To enhance the flexibility and control advisors have when reporting committed capital, we’ve added and updated several key report settings:

  • New date options. An ‘as of’ date drop-down has been added to the dynamic report, so advisors can evaluate an account or group on any past date, rather than only the enterprise ‘as of’ date. With this enhancement, historical reporting on committed capital becomes that much clearer for your clients.
  • Control the display of zero value and no history positions. Advisors now have greater control over how a Committed Capital report displays zero value and no history positions. If there is no snapshot history, advisors can choose to hide these positions, providing cleaner client presentations.
  • Manage partial period returns indicators. Partial period returns can be confusing to clients when looking at performance reports. Now, advisors can enhance transparency with two new report features: an option for how you display partial returns and how you show actual return dates. These enhancements allow advisors to provide a more detailed understanding of partial period returns on Committed Capital reports.

Enhanced integrations

Because we understand how important it is to have your most valuable resources available in one place, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with AdvisorStream. Advisors now have access to a dedicated feed of industry news, practice management, research, white papers and CE credit resources directly on the Tamarac Reporting dashboard.

For our valued Schwab clients, we’ve enhanced messaging for OpenView Gateway integrations. These smart enhancements make it easier to quickly resolve and reduce errors related to one-time password expirations, password reset notifications and digital account-opening integration.

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Stay tuned for regular “What’s New” updates from Tamarac, as we continue to innovate and enhance the services you provide to your clients. Learn how our powerful reporting solutions help you deliver the customized performance data your clients need. Visit www.tamaracinc.com or give us a call at 866-525-8811.

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