For successful advisors who use unified managed account (UMA) models and fund managers to add diversification to client portfolios, we’ve just made your lives a whole lot easier. The introduction of sleeve-level trading and reporting from Envestnet | Tamarac® is being applauded by RIAs because there’s nothing quite like it in the marketplace today. We designed our new trading and reporting tool with your needs in mind: to empower RIAs in the transition to more centralized trading practices.

Here’s what our new sleeve-level trading and reporting tool delivers to advisors:

Saves the time and effort associated with manually managing the reporting of multi-manager strategies or UMA models, giving you more time to spend with clients on what matters most to them.

Streamlines your workflow process because you can now trade one single account while all the data flows back to individual sleeve accounts that exist only within the Tamarac platform.

Removes operational burdens and the need to open separate accounts for each model sleeve because you can now report on each manager within a single financial account.

Automatically links securities to the appropriate sleeve, without any need for manual intervention.

Extracts performance data based on the independent model component so you can measure the value of a model’s performance more efficiently.

Provides deeper and richer performance insights for you to share with clients.

The next chapter in trading and reporting

With our new sleeve-level trading and reporting solution, you can automate more of your business processes and integrate cutting-edge technology into your practice. Within the Tamarac platform, RIAs can use sleeve accounts to:

  • Trade on the parent account and automatically allocate updated holdings to individual sleeves
  • Analyze sleeve-level performance, holdings, and transactions
  • Assign benchmarks, target allocations, objectives, and more to sleeve accounts
  • Add sleeve groups or accounts to households, groups, and account sets and composites
  • Upload and evaluate historical sleeve allocations

Learn more

Learn how you can leverage the latest trading and reporting innovation from Tamarac. It’s free and now available to Tamarac Reporting & Trading clients. To learn more, visit or give us a call at 866-525-8811.