While many people think of November as a time for apple picking and pumpkin carving, our Envestnet | Tamarac Reporting® and Trading® teams have been hard at work rolling out enhancements to our trading and reporting capabilities. In our monthly blog series, “What’s New from Tamarac,” we highlight the latest innovations that support your relationships with clients. From reporting integrations to trading updates, we’re committed to helping you increase the efficiency of your practice.

Here’s what’s new from Tamarac Reporting:

Access to MoneyGuide Financial Plan Summary Report

As your fall financial check-up conversations with clients shift to planning and the achievement of goals, you now have the added benefit of direct access to the MoneyGuide Financial Plan Summary report. With this dynamic report, you can access your client’s entire financial plan and make more holistic conversations a reality. Through the client portal, share this report with your clients – as just another example for how your firm helps them achieve their financial goals.

Auto Refresh Added to MoneyGuide Success Meter

Demonstrate your value to clients by adding the MoneyGuide probability of success meter to the client portal dashboard. This visual representation of financial plan progress now updates every 24 hours upon client login, or when you import data from MoneyGuide, giving you confidence that the meter reflects your client’s current status.

Increased Manual Securities Data

Do you use manual securities? If so, the new Dividend\Income\Rate\% field allows you to provide complete yield and income reporting. You’ll also find this new data point, or calculations based on it, included in bulk reports and uploads, the Holdings report in the Current Yield column, and on the Securities page in the Annual Income/Annual Dividend/Interest Rate column.

Enhanced Financial Planning Report Organization

To make it easier for you to locate essential reports, we’ve reorganized the Reports menu. Now, you’ll find the Net Worth report, Relationship Diagram, and Financial Plan Summary report in the new Financial Planning Reports section.

And coming soon, you’ll find eMoney single sign-on with a bulk report and upload. As part of this release, it will be easier than ever to set up multiple clients at once with the eMoney SSO. Simply use the new “enable single sign-on to eMoney” column in the Client Information bulk report and upload.

Here’s what’s new from Tamarac Trading:

Added Level of Detail to Bulk Orders

You can now add a “reason for trade note” to any of your bulk orders at any time, regardless of reconciliation status. A “reason for trade note” allows you to add a specific note to an order, usually to provide context or trading instructions. Once added, you can see this note on the Rebalance Summary or Trade Summary for the account or group. You can also retrieve these notes in bulk reports.

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Stay tuned for regular “What’s New” updates from Tamarac, as we continue to innovate and enhance the services you provide to your clients. Learn how you can leverage our powerful reporting and trading solutions. For more details, visit www.tamaracinc.com or give us a call at 866-525-8811.