At Envestnet | Tamarac®, we proudly partner with best-in-class industry leaders to support your ever-changing business needs. In our new blog series “Partner Power,” we acknowledge the immense value our partners provide. We’ll highlight our outstanding partner relationships and how they arm you with the tools you need to succeed. Here’s a closer look.

Our Newest Partner: Flyer, LLC

Our integration with Flyer’s Co-Pilot order management system (OMS) has been a huge win for successful advisors. The integration connects our Tamarac Trading® platform with Flyer’s Co-Pilot OMS and Flyer Trading Network to provide a more comprehensive, seamless experience while helping eliminate high-risk errors.

Our new partnership offers you an advanced solution for trading equities, ETFs, mutual funds and other security types. In addition, the integration simplifies how you access broker trading algorithms to connect with other brokers and allocate trades. Along with the award-winning portfolio and client management capabilities of Tamarac Trading, Flyer’s Co-Pilot offers you:

  • Access to sophisticated order management
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Streamlined operations when overseeing accounts and trading on behalf of your clients

Most importantly, our new partnership with Flyer eliminates time-wasting tasks, helping you achieve scalable growth for your business without needing to switch brokers or custodians.

Here are three reasons why Flyer Co-Pilot is making a real difference for successful advisors:

  1. Enhanced visibility
    With centralized trading, you gain insight into all client activity on a single platform. With one click, you can execute an order across multiple brokers and custodians, and automatically allocate within Co-Pilot, rather than across multiple applications.
  2. Sophisticated order management
    You can execute tradeaways directly within the Flyer software, eliminating the calls, emails and spreadsheets typically required to manage orders. It also offers you access to broker algorithms, enabling a simpler, more automated trading process that can reduce errors.
  3. Smart allocation
    With the flexibility to support even the most sophisticated allocation workflows, you can reduce ticket charges and override select allocation methods. The software also eliminates most offline workarounds by automatically creating new orders for the remainder of open quantities and electronically sending manual allocations to custodians.

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Learn more about how you can join us in partnering with the best in the industry. For more details about the Tamarac platform and our integration with Flyer’s Co-Pilot OMS, visit or give us a call at 866-525-8811.