It’s been a busy December as we look to finish the year strong – and help you start the new year even stronger. Our Envestnet | Tamarac Reporting® and Trading® teams have been hard at work rolling out enhancements to our trading and reporting capabilities. In our monthly blog series, “What’s New from Tamarac,” we highlight the latest innovations that support your relationships with clients. From reporting integrations to performance improvements, we’re committed to helping you increase the efficiency of your practice.

Here are two brand-new integrations from Tamarac Reporting:

1. Reconciled accounts and streamlined linked account management

Do you manage investments for clients who have financial relationships outside your firm? Do you also have accounts with custodians that don’t come into the Tamarac platform through your regular data feed? We’re excited to announce that now you can view details from your clients’ outside accounts alongside your standard Tamarac accounts in one cohesive environment – and analyze the data in dynamic and PDF performance, holdings and transactions reports.

With Yodlee financial data, we now offer you three types of linked accounts:

  • Reconciled Accounts are viewable on the Accounts page and can be added to reporting groups and Households and included in dynamic and PDF performance, holdings, and transactions reports.
  • Advisor Permissioned Data Accounts (APD) that are with any custodian can now flow into your Tamarac data feed.
  • Balance-Only Accounts can be brought in with financial data from clients’ checking accounts, student loans, mortgages, credit cards, and more.

With new updates to our Aggregated Accounts page on the Advisor Portal, you can see and manage all types of linked accounts in one place. Even better, you can link accounts using your advisor credentials, link reconciled accounts using client credentials or link balance-only accounts using client credentials. Other new options include the ability to: upgrade accounts from balance-only to reconciled, check link status, troubleshoot issues and update credentials, edit balance-only and reconciled account details and delete accounts.

2. Enable eMoney single sign-On with bulk report and upload

It’s now easier for you to set up multiple clients at once with eMoney single sign-on (SSO). By using the new “Enable single sign-on to eMoney” column in the Client Information bulk report, your clients can easily navigate between your Client Portal and eMoney.

Here are three reporting enhancements:

1. Clarified comparative review report subtotals

Subtotaling on the Comparative Review report is now more comprehensive. You’ll find that all data points now display subtotals.

2. Improved performance history report settings

As part of our continuing commitment to enhance your reporting experience, we’ve improved the Performance History PDF template. You’ll find renamed columns to maintain consistency with other reports, standardized meanings for missing return indicators, clarifications on annualized/cumulative returns options and a streamlined category picker to make it easier to find and add categories.

3. Increased efficiency when running bulk reports

With some under-the-hood upgrades, you’ll find improvements to the bulk report experience. In addition to a smoother process to run large reports, our overall site performance has been strengthened.

Here’s what’s new from Tamarac Trading:

1. Ongoing Performance Improvements

We’ve been hard at work to improve performance in Tamarac Trading. With this release, you’ll find daily firm holding updates available to you 15 to 25 percent faster than in the past.

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Stay tuned for regular “What’s New” updates from Tamarac, as we continue to innovate and enhance the services you provide to your clients. Learn how you can leverage our powerful reporting and trading solutions. For more details, visit or give us a call at 866-525-8811.