Successful RIAs understand the importance of efficient data conversion. Whether you’re in acquisition mode or looking for new ways to grow your business, you need a full range of options to meet complex needs. Now there’s another reason for advisors to turn to Envestnet | Tamarac — the expansion of Full Transaction Conversion.

Our Full Transaction Conversion option, created in 2012 with the needs of advisors in mind, has provided you with the flexibility to integrate performance data onto the Tamarac Reporting® platform from PortfolioCenter, Advent and Fortigent. Now, we have expanded our universe for advisors who may be looking to convert accounts from other providers, including Orion Advisor Services and Morningstar.

New option automates and refines

With the Full Transaction Conversion option, we seamlessly convert performance data from your current portfolio accounting system to Tamarac Reporting. As part of our conversion process, Tamarac converts transactions and prices, when provided, and augments with our security master, when available, allowing for the calculation of a daily performance interval.

Full Transaction Conversion also opens up more robust reporting options for your clients. With the flexibility to view complete transaction data, you can report on performance at the account level, the security level or the category level. You can also change accounts in and out of groups.

And, with a complete view of performance history, you can deliver more in-depth analytics as you help clients meet their financial goals. Tamarac’s award-winning reporting capabilities allow you to generate elegant reports focused on what matters the most to you and your clients.

Additional Conversion Options

In addition to the expansion of our Full Transaction Conversion option, you have the flexibility to select from other conversion options, depending on the specific needs of your firm.

Start Fresh. From the day that Tamarac Reporting receives your initial data file from your custodian, that data is fully available for you to access.

Performance History Upload. With this popular option, performance intervals are uploaded into Tamarac Reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis — at the account, group and/or category level. We also offer the flexibility for reports to include beginning value, end value, contributions and withdrawals.

Quick Start. With this fast track implementation option, your firm can be up and running on the Tamarac Reporting platform within 30 days.

Back-posting or Reposting. With this option, our Tamarac Advisor Services Team reposts and reconciles daily data files from your custodian so that we can populate historical data in Tamarac Reporting.

Learn More

Learn how our powerful Full Transaction Conversion option can make data conversion that much more efficient for your firm. Our Advisor Services Team can help you assess which data conversion option makes the most sense for your practice and the needs of your clients. Visit or give us a call at 866-525-8811.

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