At Envestnet | Tamarac®, we understand how important it is for you to stay connected with your clients, especially in times of change and uncertainty. Tamarac Reporting offers you an innovative platform to enhance your client communications and engagement through our client portal, secure document vault, and mobile app.

Here are three ways we are seeing RIA firms connect and deliver a superior digital experience to their clients through the Tamarac client portal — a collaborative experience making all the difference, especially in uncertain times.

1. Enhance the client experience

Successful advisors tell us the most significant value the Tamarac client portal offers is its flexibility. Clients can view and access the portal at home or anywhere on the go. With this flexibility, you can engage with your clients as frequently as they choose — to review the latest portfolio updates or to access documents.

The Tamarac client portal offers a positive experience for your clients because the portal is easy to navigate and intuitive for all clients, both young and old. And, the firm customization function gives you the opportunity to create an experience that works for each client and their unique needs.

Through our partnership with MoneyGuide, you can review net worth reporting and focus on the financial planning process, helping your clients see where they are in the achievement of their goals. This approach helps to shift the conversation beyond investment results and to a more holistic view of their financial life.

2. Deepen client engagement

The Tamarac client portal provides your clients with an update on all the topics connected to their financial wellness, including their portfolio, the markets, firm updates, commentary, and any additional communications to keep them informed. You can also provide up-to-date news and guidance whenever needed.

In addition, the Tamarac client portal helps you share relevant messaging truly tailored to your clients and what matters the most. This might include the latest updates on health issues, taxes, and the economy, or counsel on what to do next.

With the ability to help manage the information your clients consume through the client portal, you can have more productive conversations — and help them focus on what’s most important regarding the markets and their portfolios. The value you provide as a trusted resource during challenging times, especially helping clients manage their emotions and maintain a long-term perspective, will remain with them for many years to come.

With the Tamarac secure document vault, you can provide clients with easy access to:

  • Report packages
  • Trust documents
  • Estate planning documents
  • Tax documentation

3. Streamline new client onboarding

When you start the engagement process with new clients, the Tamarac client portal does the heavy lifting. The digitizing client communications feature provides operational efficiencies, allowing you to spend more time nurturing your relationships and growing your business.

To help your prospective clients get comfortable with the Tamarac client portal, consider creating a demo experience to show them your portal firsthand. By sharing the value that technology adds to the relationship, your prospective clients will feel more confident in understanding how you can successfully work together.

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