At Envestnet | Tamarac®, we understand how critical it is for you to stay on top of the most current data and analytics. Learning from your business data and competitive intelligence can help you to drive your business forward. Given the importance of analytics and critical insights, we are happy to introduce a new data tool that can help you optimize your practice and think more clearly about the future.

With Envestnet RIA Analytics, you can have access to deep data analytics that can provide actionable intelligence. From innovative dashboards that deliver segmentation analytics to multi-dimensional benchmarking and practice pattern analyses, data solutions provide mission-critical insights.

Here’s how client data and analytical tools can make a difference in delivering better outcomes:

1. Data helps you better manage your business

With access to more client data, you can make better decisions about the future of your business. Successful advisors understand the importance of data, but it can be challenging to find the time and resources to manually piece it all together.

With a quick and easy way to assess your business data, you can make better decisions faster. The data you need to focus on across your business includes:

  • Organic sales flow
  • Asset allocation changes
  • Product usage
  • Client acquisition changes

2. Data helps you understand your business growth drivers and how you compare to your peers

In uncertain times, it is more important than ever that you have all the data you need to compete effectively. With the right data, you have perspective into what others in the industry are doing and:

  • Understand your fee rates and how are they trending
  • See asset growth rates
  • Assess your asset allocation and product usage

Especially in changing markets, data can help you look at the short-term trends and what is happening right now. For example, the right data can help you:

  • Look at your net flows versus other advisors
  • Look at your business acquisition results in difficult times
  • Evaluate how your peers are navigating through the volatility – and how many are net positive versus net negative

3. Analytics drive actionable insights

The right analytics can provide you with the insights you need to have relevant conversations with your clients. From a year-end discussion about potential tax implications to new product trends that are surfacing, analytics can help you provide more value to your clients.

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