A consolidated view of your clients’ investments has never been more critical than today. Amid the market uncertainty, when your clients look to you for advice and guidance, your ability to provide a complete investment picture aligned with a long-term financial plan is paramount. But for your more sophisticated clients who seek greater portfolio diversification with nontraditional assets, like alternatives, achieving this holistic view can be challenging.

Whether your clients’ portfolios include private equity, hedge funds, private real estate, or closely held partnerships, you need to help them see the market value and investment performance integrated into their total portfolio. At Envestnet | Tamarac, we provide precisely what you need with our Manual Security Snapshot Tool, a feature within our reporting platform that supports alternative assets.

Here’s a closer look at the value the Manual Security Snapshot tool can offer you and your practice:

More robust reporting. Our reporting platform allows you to import alternative asset data from your external alternative partners — so you can report to clients on their entire investment portfolio.

A complete view of asset allocation. You can incorporate a broader view of asset allocation and trading activities, with the ability to trade or rebalance around the alternative assets. And, with a complete asset allocation picture, you can engage in more meaningful conversations with your clients around portfolio rebalancing and long-term strategic planning.

Increased efficiency. With access to our tool, you no longer need to build separate spreadsheets and reports for your clients, all of which take valuable time away from your day.

Reduced errors. When you can import alternative asset data into the Tamarac Reporting system, you reduce errors related to manual data entry.

Digital access. All client reporting is available within our online client portal and can be accessed by your clients 24/7.

Integration with providers. We partner with leading alternative investment data aggregation and due diligence providers (PCR and CAIS), so we can provide access to broader resources for data feeds and screening, as needed.

Committed Capital metrics. As a subset of our Manual Security Snapshot tool, you can add additional descriptive detail for Committed Capital metrics. Our Committed Capital Report consolidates all alternative holdings and includes committed capital, capital called, remaining capital, and current value. Here is an example of the reporting you can share with clients.


(For illustrative purposes only. Not based on actual client data.)

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