Whether you’re an emerging practice or a breakaway advisor, your ability to provide clients with enhanced performance reporting in an efficient way has never been more critical, especially as they require additional advice and guidance in these uncertain times. At Envestnet | Tamarac®, we understand your needs and provide a trusted technology solution with PortfolioCenter Cloud, our cloud-based portfolio accounting, client reporting, and streamlined billing platform.

As the use of cloud-based tools continues to surge during the pandemic, we have seen a steady demand for PortfolioCenter Cloud. Here’s a closer look at the seamless, consistent experience PortfolioCenter Cloud offers to thousands of emerging and breakaway practices.

Five Reasons Why Advisors Choose PortfolioCenter Cloud

1. Reduces IT overhead

Successful advisors find the foundational accounting engine they need with PortfolioCenter Cloud. There is no need to spend time and resources on upgrades, system compatibility, or networking. We take care of all the technology, so you don’t have to worry.

2. Controls technology expenses and offers a cost-effective solution

While many advisors are boosting their tech spend during the pandemic, PortfolioCenter Cloud provides a smart and affordable solution. Consider what you pay today for your in-house solution and compare this to the regular quarterly fees you can come to expect with PortfolioCenter Cloud.

3. Allows access to client portfolio data at any time and from any place

Our technology is cloud-based, which means you can stay in constant communication with your clients. You have access to every piece of data whenever you need it, so you can provide customizable reports that respond to client questions quickly and accurately.

4. Gives confidence in the knowledge that data is secure

All client data is housed in our enterprise-class data center, which means it is continuously protected by redundant systems and rigorous disaster recovery plans. We believe data protection is essential to earning the confidence of your clients.

5. Supports business growth without technology limitations

With PortfolioCenter Cloud, advisors grow their business without any roadblocks or concerns about the number of users they can support. And with our critical portfolio management support in place, you can focus on revenue-generating activities to grow your business — and build stronger client relationships.

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