For our first team profile at Envestnet | Tamarac, we spoke with John Tarrant and Jason Camp, both Assistant Vice Presidents and managers of the PortfolioCenter Client Service team in Raleigh, North Carolina. John and Jason lead a group of 17 technical specialists who support advisors in their use of the PortfolioCenter platform. John and Jason shared perspectives on the challenges facing advisors today and how they are responding to their needs. John, Jason, and many on their team joined Tamarac in 2019 with the acquisition of PortfolioCenter from Charles Schwab.  

Tell us about the Client Service Team and how you support advisors.

We provide advisors with a customized level of support tailored to meet their specific portfolio management needs. Whether an advisor is new to PortfolioCenter or an experienced user, our supports runs the full gamut — from software installation to troubleshooting issues and helping advisors provide their clients with enhanced portfolio reporting. At the end of the day, we look to help advisors increase their overall productivity and get the most from our trusted technology solutions.

As an inbound call center, with an average team tenure of six years, all our representatives are highly trained on the intricacies of PortfolioCenter, so we can address any question that comes our way. Given our team’s deep technical knowledge, many advisors consider us an extension of their office.

When an advisor connects with our team, we do more than provide the answer to a single question or solve a specific issue. We dig deeper to understand: What is the ultimate goal and what is the advisor looking to achieve. Through this consultative approach, we provide even more value to advisors, and we’re proud to be considered “the best in the industry” by many we serve.

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, our team has been working remotely, continuing to deliver the highest level of service advisors have come to expect. With Tamarac’s strength in integrated technology, we quickly and efficiently mobilized our team to support the needs of our advisors and their clients. For us, it’s been business as usual, and advisors are elated we are here for them, especially given the additional stress they face as they help clients navigate volatile markets.

While our call volume has remained stable throughout the pandemic, we have seen more interest in our PortfolioCenter Cloud solution. As more advisors work remotely, they are looking for cloud-based tools to help them stay in constant communication with their clients.

How is the Client Service Team structured to drive efficiency?

In many ways, we think of our team as a united family. We are here to help one another deliver the best service to advisors within a collegial work environment. We are not structured as a standard call center with different tiers of support depending on the level of complexity. For us, when a call comes in, the first team member available jumps on it.

Our “all-hands-on-deck” approach gives our clients a great deal of confidence and comfort in working with us — because they know that whoever answers their call, the request will be handled expertly and professionally. Beyond our inbound service center, we also offer dedicated team training sessions for advisors who want to improve their overall efficiency and gain a deeper understanding of the options PortfolioCenter offers in accomplishing specific goals.

We help our team remain motivated to deliver their exceptional service by recognizing achievements and acknowledgments from advisors we serve. From an employee of the month to customer service and productivity awards, we engage in healthy competition to challenge each specialist to do their best.

What inspires you about working at Tamarac?

As team managers, we are inspired by helping our team exceed advisor expectations and solve problems. When we introduce an advisor to a real time-saver, like batch printing or batch presentations, and they are so appreciative of the new insight, that is what keeps us going. Our team members are deeply committed to what they do, and they value the trusted relationships they have built with advisors over the years.

For our Client Service team, there is something different about every day, from new questions to issues resolved. The sense of team camaraderie keeps us motivated to work hard and deliver our best to each advisor. We are driven by a common goal: to provide the highest level of product support and consultation to help advisors get the most efficiency from our solutions.

When it comes to financial wellness, how do you see Envestnet | Tamarac making a difference?

By helping advisors understand the full capability and functionality of PortfolioCenter solutions, and in many cases, learn more about what the software can do for them, we save them time and help optimize their business. With time back in their day, advisors have more opportunities to connect with their clients, build deeper relationships, and help them achieve financial wellness.