As successful advisors connect with us about how their business has changed during the pandemic, many speak of the need for more digital solutions as they work remotely and look for new ways to enhance client relationships. At Envestnet | Tamarac®, our client onboarding platform and transition support were built for these times — and all others.

That’s because our carefully designed client onboarding experience is not reliant on in-person classroom learning. Instead, our robust onboarding model has always been presented in a digital format, a benefit that is so much more important today. Our trusted online training model, Tamarac University, has seen an uptick in activity since the pandemic as more advisors complete courses and leverage our technology.

Here’s a closer look at our Tamarac onboarding platform and what you receive:

Robust mobile-ready training

From the moment the onboarding process begins, access to our robust online training platform is available. Our training platform is modular and can be customized to support your educational needs. With our model, onboarding training is open to all your team members, a more efficient and effective use of time so that each employee can engage in learning when it’s most convenient. And as you are learning the platform and working with a Tamarac onboarding consultant, you become better equipped to configure reports and output to meet your specifications. In addition, our onboarding process offers:

  • Strong learning programs with multiple hours of rich training content for each product offering: Tamarac Reporting, Tamarac Trading, and Advisor CRM.
  • Three intuitive learning tracks from foundational to advanced. You can self-pace and dig as deeply into content as you choose. The White Belt track offers core content for the most effective foundational learning experience. The Green Belt track offers more detailed content for intermediary learning needs. And the Black Belt track is designed to cover content designed for system administrators and those responsible for system configuration.
  • Role-based training: Our online training is designed around common workflows, like opening new accounts. But with the knowledge that not every team member is involved in every step of the process, our role-based training allows you to opt-in or out of specific content. Through a custom assessment exam based on the content you viewed at the end of each module, you can assess proficiency and knowledge gained.

Client support from the best in the business

Once you become a Tamarac client, you transition from onboarding to a dedicated support team, always available to answer any question that may come up. This team is staffed by knowledgeable consultants who are committed to your success. Our Tamarac Support & Training Center combines our extensive Help Center with training from Tamarac University in an easy-to-use interface. You can access thousands of training articles that cover anything you might need, from understanding product calculations to how to manage through the most common workflows.

Smart Help tool supports the understanding of data calculations and field definitions

Advisors using the Tamarac Reporting platform can now access our newest online tool, Smart Help. With Smart Help, you can automatically see relevant help content, specific to the page you are looking at. The tool sits alongside the platform, and anytime you want help understanding a field or calculation, click it to learn more.

2020 Advisor Summit On-Demand: The learning never stops

Our popular Envestnet Advisor Summit has been transformed into a digital experience this year, with a multimedia resource center full of engaging videos and content. Advisor Summit On-Demand allows you to learn best practices on the Tamarac platform from our product experts. Sessions cover all the ways that Tamarac technology solutions can add value and meet client expectations.

For more information on what our clients have to say about the Tamarac onboarding experience, please check out our client case studies on our web page.

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