Especially in our new virtual world, advisors are looking for more powerful ways to connect with their clients. Now more than ever, integrated technology is leading the way. In fact, the digital support many advisors look for today favors a bundled technology solution that incorporates reporting, financial planning, client relationship management (CRM), and investment management capabilities, according to a recent report from Aite Group.1

Connecting more deeply with your clients in a customized way that addresses their needs and helps you become more efficient is crucial in these uncertain times. At Envestnet | Tamarac®, we’ve been working hard to enhance our Tamarac CRM system, so you have a more powerful resource that provides a differentiated experience.

We’re excited to share our Tamarac CRM enhancements, developed based on feedback from experienced advisors. Coupled with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology changes, our new and improved Tamarac CRM system delivers an even stronger foundation on which to build your business and support its growth.

In addition to the migration of our legacy-hosted clients to CRM online and the move to Microsoft cloud, here’s a look at what’s new on Tamarac CRM:

Service Requests offer more customization and greater visibility

Our new Service Requests is an improved replacement for Dialogs. It offers a new way to launch the many internal processes your firm deals with each day, such as outgoing money, incoming deposits, directed trades, and more.

Service Requests provide you with the ability to create a more customized experience:

  • Pop-up boxes to help you better address your client’s unique needs
  • A more logical way to track the progress of your requests, so you can feel confident you are always on top of the status and next steps
  • A more straightforward approach to triggering workflows that create tasks, update information, and send emails
  • Greater visibility into every step of the client request process, so you can more efficiently track the progress of what’s going on

Deeper integration opportunities

As a result of the changes coming to Microsoft’s new Unified Client Interface, you have access to all the apps that are available on Microsoft’s cloud. With deeper integration, you have more tools at your disposal to help you stay connected and productive.

Whether you choose to use Tamarac CRM to organize an email campaign to address market volatility or other apps that can help you measure the effectiveness of your efforts, you can integrate with the solution that best serves your needs. You can now enable seamless integration with any app that integrates with Dynamics 365, saving you from the need for manual workarounds.

Additional Enhancements

Because our Tamarac CRM is built on Dynamics 365, you have the added benefit of seeing enhancements based on the new interface, including:

  • The replacement of the Microsoft plug-in email app that now allows Tamarac CRM and Microsoft Exchange to connect directly
  • A new CRM look and feel that provides a more modern and intuitive approach to your user experience
  • SharePoint integration that allows you to display SharePoint files on Tamarac CRM, eliminating the need for a file server or document management service (Additional 365 licensing may be needed)

We look forward to building more integrations over time to help you find even more efficient ways to support your clients and grow your practice.

Learn more about the power of Tamarac’s integrated solutions

To our current Tamarac CRM clients, look for the roll-out of these enhancements over the coming months. To advisors interested in learning more about Tamarac portfolio management and reporting systems services and how the addition of Tamarac CRM can provide you with the time savings and operational efficiencies you need, visit or give us a call at 866-525-8811.

1 Source: Aite Group, “RIA Digital Transformation: A Competitive Necessity in a Post-Pandemic Marketplace,” May 2020.

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