In the new virtual world we’re living in, many advisors are looking for ways to save valuable time and increase their efficiency to better serve the needs of their clients. At Envestnet | Tamarac®, we believe in the power of integrated technology to help advisors position their practices for future growth. With recent enhancements to our Tamarac CRM system and its new user interface, many advisors are taking a closer look at the value of a tightly integrated technology approach that links reporting, trading, and client relationship management.

When advisors look at Tamarac CRM, they find the tight integration with Tamarac Reporting and Tamarac Trading to be a game-changer. With a single tech provider, there’s no need to engage third-party consultants to build an integration solution, and you have access to a dedicated client service team who understands all your tech needs. In addition to single sign-on access and powerful two-way integration that automatically updates information between products, advisors save time from manual, repetitive tasks and potential data discrepancies.

Here’s why advisors find value in Tamarac CRM’s integrated technology:

Household and client data integration eliminates the need for multiple updates

You know that keeping household and client information up to date across many systems takes time. The integration between Tamarac CRM and Tamarac Reporting allows you to keep this type of information in sync seamlessly and reduces potential errors. From a client’s new home address or email account to a household name change, you only need to make the change once, and it automatically updates in all other places.

Financial account integration offers easy access to all data

With Tamarac CRM, you can automatically see financial account information from Tamarac Reporting and Tamarac Trading. This integration gives you quick and easy access to an overview of key financial account data points to enhance client conversations. For example, if you make a change to a client’s model portfolio in Tamarac Trading, it’s also reflected in Tamarac CRM. And you can feel confident that client data is always accurate because Tamarac CRM updates from Tamarac Reporting during the daily sync with your portfolio accounting system.

In addition, new financial accounts from your custodian can be created in Tamarac CRM, and existing financial accounts can be updated with the most recent data. Financial accounts in Tamarac CRM can be automatically assigned to the correct Tamarac CRM account if you are using household integration and your households are linked.

Single Sign-On experience saves you valuable time

You can access Tamarac Reporting from Tamarac CRM using single sign-on. With contextual links in Tamarac CRM, you can quickly get to the following entities in Tamarac Reporting:

  • Financial Accounts in Tamarac CRM will go to the dashboard in Tamarac Reporting with the account pre-selected in the “Find Data” dropdown
  • Account in Tamarac CRM will go to the household page in Tamarac Reporting with the household record already open and ready to access
  • Contact in Tamarac CRM will go to the client’s page in Tamarac Reporting with the client record already open and ready to access
  • View as Client on the contact in Tamarac CRM will open the contact’s Client Portal for easy access

Integration events help you keep track of next steps

Your client events can be integrated from Tamarac Reporting and Tamarac Trading to Tamarac CRM. You can opt into one or more of the events available for integration. Once enabled, events can be formatted as closed tasks and associated with the appropriate household in Tamarac CRM. From rebalancing an account or group in Tamarac Trading to resetting a client’s password in Tamarac Reporting, when you take an action that is supported, the event is immediately pushed to Tamarac CRM.

Learn more about the power of Tamarac’s integrated tech solutions

To learn more about Tamarac’s portfolio management and reporting systems services and how the addition of Tamarac CRM can provide you with the time savings and operational efficiencies you need, visit or give us a call at 866-525-8811.

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