Will Stark is an Associate Vice President in Account Management for Envestnet | Tamarac in Seattle, Washington. He lives in Seattle, an area he’s always called home. Outside the office, Will enjoys playing the guitar and writing and learning new songs to expand his repertoire. He also believes in the importance of finding the right balance between physical and mental health, committing time to fitness and staying healthy.

Tell us about yourself and your background.

After graduating from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Finance, I started my career in an operations and compliance role at a smaller RIA firm in Seattle. This experience allowed me to learn nearly every aspect of the financial advisory business.

After one year at the firm, I felt it was time for a change. I knew of Tamarac through a good friend who worked on the Operations Team. He suggested I consider looking at Tamarac’s opportunities because he genuinely valued the firm’s commitment to excellence and the culture that embraced hard work and innovation. I applied for a role on the Operations Team and landed the position.

What brought you to Tamarac?

I joined Tamarac in July 2013 as an Operations Associate, where I was responsible for posting and reconciling PortfolioCenter data. After 18 months in this role, I moved to the Client Services team, helping clients make the most of their Tamarac products. Looking to expand further in my Tamarac career and have more influence within the organization, I applied when I learned of an Account Management Team opening.

In May 2017, I joined the team as an Account Manager to expand into a more relationship-oriented role. Our Account Management Team is the “hub” for our clients, as we work with the different “spokes” within our organization to support their diverse business needs. In collaboration with our legal, support, product, and leadership teams, we all work together to develop the right solutions for our clients.

What inspires you about working at Tamarac?

One of the best things about my job is the opportunity for daily conversations with RIAs, learning about their business goals, and discussing how our technology can help them drive their business forward. Especially during contract renewal conversations, when I see the long-term commitment many clients are eager to make with us — and the value they place on the products and services we offer — nothing is more rewarding to me.

From a professional growth perspective, I have a real passion for continual learning and adding new skills that prepare me for future success. Tamarac is structured in a way that allows me to do just that, by supporting me and providing opportunities to add value in new and exciting ways.

Tamarac’s commitment to our clients also inspires me. While our clients’ needs vary, at its core, our superior level of customer service is what makes the difference. Despite our transition to a virtual work environment since the start of the pandemic, our team continues to operate at the same high level of service our clients have come to expect. While we’ve seen a higher volume in client requests over the past few months, we are committed to working with our clients to help them succeed.

Especially now in this uncertain business environment, I’m seeing an increase in requests for Consultant help. Whether it’s a request for more training on the platform or a deeper dive into setting up best practices, our clients are committed to our products and platform, willing to invest the time and money needed to learn how to use our products better.

Any time I can have a good conversation with a client, and I’m able to come away knowing the client is happy with the services we offer, that’s a great day. On other days when I’m able to have productive discussions with my team members and other managers to work through an issue and develop a solution, I equally enjoy those aspects of the job. Another part of my job is having tough conversations with clients, including those facing new business challenges in today’s remote environment. In these situations, our Account Managers help clients find new solutions that respond to their needs.

When it comes to financial wellness, how do you see Envestnet | Tamarac making a difference?

In my view, the most significant value Envestnet | Tamarac provides to RIAs is access to a full range of product offerings to support every aspect of a client’s financial life. The solution set we offer advisors is second to none, which helps them improve the client experience. From Envestnet | Tamarac Reporting, Trading, and CRM to Envestnet | MoneyGuide and RIA Analytics, there is immense value to be found in our integrated platform.

I expect we will see more of a need for this powerful integration as the industry continues to evolve. At Tamarac, we make it easier for RIAs to help their clients on the path to achieving financial wellness.

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