Especially in today’s new virtual world, advisors understand how important it is to get the right information to the right person in the right order and at the right time. Automated business processes can make the difference, saving you valuable time and increasing your efficiency. At Envestnet | Tamarac®, we believe in the power of automated business processes, and our Tamarac CRM system provides you with the tools you need.

With Tamarac CRM and our automated business processes, you can:

  • Increase your productivity through streamlined and institutionalized processes across teams
  • Reduce or possibly eliminate manual tasks
  • Increase the likelihood that tasks are completed promptly and consistently
  • Improve data and process accuracy
  • Enhance visibility and improve accountability
  • Provide faster, more efficient responses to your clients’ needs
  • Create more consistent client experiences and communications

With our comprehensive library of automated business processes, you can automate many common advisory tasks and deepen client relationships. Each pre-built automated process is based on best practices that we have gathered from working with thousands of advisors over the past 20 years. You can use our pre-built workflows as they are, tweak them to fit your specific requirements, or create custom workflows to align with your business needs.

Depending on your needs, two primary types of automated business processes are available: automatic or on-demand. Automated business processes run in the background and do not require a manual trigger. On-demand automated business processes require some up-front information and must be started manually, generally with just the click of a button.

Here’s a look at the pre-built automated business processes we offer all Tamarac CRM clients:

New Client Onboarding

With the many steps involved in opening a new account, Tamarac CRM provides a process to complete all the tasks efficiently and accurately, so each team member has clear and defined roles. Here is a visual for our new account opening workflow:

Move Money

Money Move helps you standardize the money request process. Through a series of up-front questions about the type of withdrawal your client is requesting, you receive a list of specific tasks to ensure the process has been completed correctly.

Lead Pipeline

Lead Pipeline keeps the information about your leads up to date, saving you from time-consuming tasks as you focus on growing your business. A second automated business process reminds you to stay in touch with leads in the proposal stage.

Annual Form ADV Delivery

This automated process facilitates sending Form ADV to your clients. With this process in place, you can feel confident that your SEC requirement has been fulfilled at the right time.

Manage Review Meetings

Tamarac CRM offers automated processes to assist in scheduling and preparing for client review meetings. It sends you an email reminder to let you know when you have not connected with a client in the past three months. After you schedule the online meeting, it then creates a task for you to start preparing for the meeting. After the review conversation, your meeting notes are automatically emailed to your Service Team.

Privacy Policy Delivery

This automated process identifies the tasks that need to be completed when preparing to send clients your Privacy Policy. Once a task is complete, the automated process ensures that those responsible for the next step receive the data they need.

Birthday Reminder Email

This automated process sends your Client Service Associates a reminder email on your clients’ birthdays so they can easily send a timely, personal birthday wish.

Auto-Populate Last Contacted

This automated process updates the “Last Contacted” field on an account, lead, or opportunity record when you either send or receive an email. The “Last Contacted” field automatically updates when an appointment or phone call is complete.

Learn more about the power of Tamarac’s integrated tech solutions

To learn more about Tamarac’s portfolio management and reporting systems services and how the addition of Tamarac CRM can provide you with automated business processes that deliver operational efficiencies, visit or give us a call at 866-525-8811.

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