At Envestnet | Tamarac, we’re committed to helping you prepare for potential market volatility around Election 2020. During the early months of the pandemic, we worked diligently to help advisors manage the extreme market volatility. Our commitment continues today.

As we approach a particularly contentious Presidential election during this already unusual year, the markets may again become volatile. The prospect of potentially bumpy markets will be combined with another hectic time for advisors: year-end account processing. To help you feel more confident in navigating what’s ahead, we are prepared for potentially large increases in trading and transaction volumes during this period.

This is nothing new for us. Over the past year, our Tamarac technology platform has managed the processing of some exceptional trade volumes. Here are a few stats:

  • 1.4 million orders, our average monthly order volume in 2019
  • Over 4 million orders in March 2020 alone
  • Over 650,000 orders from one firm in a single day in March 2020
  • More in Q1 2020 trading volume for many of our partner firms than in all of 2019

We’ve taken additional steps to ensure an even stronger platform to support your business and help you be better prepared for whatever the future may bring.

Tamarac Reporting: 5 Morning Process Improvements

Our morning process is now enhanced to help you access client data more quickly than ever before. Here are five ways we’re improving the start of your day:

  1. Doubled server capacity. Especially during times of market volatility, you need to aggregate even more custodian data. Whether dealing with larger than usual file volumes or later delivery times, we now finish our morning processes faster, getting your sites up and available sooner.
  2. Improved the performance of internal tools. With our enhanced performance reporting technology, you benefit from our faster processing and reconciliation of data every morning.
  3. Shortened morning sync times. We’ve gone one step further to shorten morning sync times by separating performance calculation and sync server farms to get your data to you faster.
  4. Optimized Rebalancing Engine. We’ve improved the speed of our Tamarac Rebalancing engine. Now you can rebalance more accounts in less time, helping you better serve your clients’ needs.
  5. Sync Trading Data earlier. The Tamarac Trading portion of our sync now starts earlier in the Reporting Sync process. This means your site is up and ready to trade faster, saving you precious time and productivity.

Tamarac Trading Usability Improvements

To support your trading activity in volatile markets, we’ve made some improvements to our ‘Update Trade Holding’ function. Now you can apply orders logged on prior days to current holdings, giving you more flexibility in managing clients’ portfolios.

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Envestnet’s overall Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans (developed before COVID-19) have been designed to complement each other, and address not only worst-case scenarios in the event of a Significant Business Disruption, but also prepare to manage a range of possible situations. We take preparedness very seriously and have worked hard to put measures in place to ensure the ongoing delivery of Envestnet | Tamarac services in all circumstances.

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We’re committed to providing you with the technology resources and support you need to drive your business forward in any market environment. Our unmatched breadth of market-leading technologies, coupled with an open architecture and modular platform, provides you with an integrated end-to-end solution to help your clients on a path to achieving financial wellness.

Learn more about our robust tech solutions and why thousands of advisors rely on our innovative suite to optimize the client experience and create more efficiencies in their practice. For more details about the Tamarac platform, visit or give us a call at 866-525-8811.

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