It’s been a busy December as we look to finish the year strong and help you start the new year even stronger. Our Envestnet | Tamarac Reporting® and Trading® teams have been hard at work rolling out enhancements to our trading and reporting capabilities. In our regular blog series, “What’s New from Tamarac,” we highlight the latest innovations that support your relationships with clients and help you increase the efficiency of your practice.

Here are five release updates from Tamarac Reporting and Trading:

1. Category Bar and Line Charts available on Performance Reports

The Tamarac Account Performance report helps you tell the story of how an account or group performed over a designated date range compared to benchmarks and indexes. To improve your ability to communicate investment performance to your clients, we’ve enhanced the Account Performance report line and bar charts with:

  • Security categories and category benchmarks
  • Direct group member accounts and direct member account benchmarks

Security categories give you the flexibility to evaluate and communicate performance for underlying categories like security type or sector. You can also show group performance side-by-side with the performance of the direct member accounts in the group.

Other Account Performance report improvements to enrich the client experience include differentiation for managed and unmanaged securities categories, upgrades to chart performance, smoother handling of partial period returns, smarter data display for PDF reports, and a reconfiguration of underlying category and account settings.

2. New total and unmanaged data points available on Client Portal tiles

On the Tamarac Client Portal, the dashboard tiles summarize the most important and valuable data you want to share with clients. With this release, you can streamline the portal experience by providing clients with exactly what they need to see. With the expansion of available data points to include unmanaged and total assets, you can build a dashboard that fully reflects your client’s unique portfolio.

3. Updates to Committed Capital Reports

On our popular Committed Capital report, we’ve changed the report behavior to be more intuitive. Now, if you choose only to include positions held at the end of the period, just those positions displayed on the report are included in the totals and subtotals. This enhancement ensures client confidence in the values calculated and reported.

4. New section alignment option for PDF Dashboard reports

We know advisors need PDF statements to be visually appealing and equally comprehensive. With this release, there’s a new “section alignment” option on some of our most popular PDF Dashboard reports. You can now control the location of data within the panel and generate statements that work for you and your clients.

5. Platform improvements and performance enhancements

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the Tamarac Platform’s speed and reliability, we continue to make enhancements under the hood. With our expanded pricing sources, you now have the most up-to-date and accurate pricing for securities. Another under-the-hood enhancement saves you time and money: an increase in the number of accounts rebalanced per second from 84 to 100.

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Stay tuned for regular “What’s New” updates from Tamarac as we continue to innovate and enhance the services you provide to your clients. Learn how you can leverage our award-winning reporting and trading solutions. For more details, visit or give us a call at 866-525-8811.

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