At Envestnet | Tamarac®, we proudly partner with best-in-class industry leaders to support your ever-changing business needs. In our blog series “Partner Power,” we acknowledge the immense value our partners provide. Here we highlight another outstanding partnership that meets your needs for building efficiency and scalability as you engage with clients.

Our Featured Partner: Salesforce

Our CRM integration with Salesforce has been a huge win for successful advisors. Launched in 2017, the Salesforce app integrates with our Tamarac ecosystem to provide you with the power to run your practice more efficiently. Especially in these challenging times, robust integration is what high-performing advisors are more interested in than ever before.

Through our direct integration with Salesforce, you benefit from the ability to transmit data in five key areas:

  • One-Click Create. You can create Households and Clients in Tamarac Reporting from Salesforce with the click of a button.
  • Data Integration. You can update Household and Client data in either Salesforce or Tamarac Reporting, and the other will update automatically.
  • Financial Accounts. You can see up-to-date financial account information in Salesforce that has been pushed from Tamarac Reporting.
  • Event Integration. You can track changes to a client’s email address or household assignment made in Tamarac Reporting.
  • Linking. You can easily access Tamarac Reporting from Salesforce using SSO and contextual links. These allow you to navigate directly to client information in Tamarac Reporting with the click of a button in Salesforce.

Here’s a closer look at why our Salesforce integration is making a real difference for successful advisors:

Ease of configuration

Once you install Tamarac’s Salesforce app, you can configure the following integration settings within the app. Each of these integrations can be disabled and re-enabled as needed:

  • Household information
  • Client information
  • Financial Account integration
  • Event integrations

You can determine which entities and fields you want to see mapped during configuration. This mapping allows you to control what data should integrate between Tamarac Reporting and Salesforce. Your configuration will be read when pushing data from Salesforce to Tamarac.

Household Data integration. Households in Tamarac Reporting will update Accounts in Salesforce. You can link an existing Salesforce Account with a Household in Tamarac Reporting on a bi-directional basis so that Household data updated in Tamarac Reporting will immediately sync in Salesforce, and Household data updated in Salesforce will immediately sync in Tamarac Reporting.

Client Data Integration. Your Clients in Tamarac Reporting will update with Contacts in Salesforce. You can link an existing Salesforce Contact with a Client in Tamarac Reporting on a bi-directional basis so that Client data updated in Tamarac Reporting will immediately sync in Salesforce, and Contact information updated in Salesforce will immediately sync in Tamarac Reporting.

Account data integration. Your Accounts in Tamarac Reporting will update Financial Accounts in Salesforce. Tamarac pushes the data from Reporting to Salesforce as part of the sync from our portfolio accounting system (PAS) at least once daily. When the sync occurs, data is pushed to Salesforce to create or update financial account data for all accounts.

Event integration. Events can be integrated and will go from Tamarac Reporting to Salesforce. You can opt in to one or more of the events available for integration. Once enabled, Events will be formatted as closed tasks and associated with the appropriate Client in Salesforce. When you take an action in Tamarac Reporting that is supported in event integration, this will be immediately pushed from Reporting to Salesforce to create the event.

Learn More

Learn more about how you can join us in partnering with the best in the industry. For more details about the Tamarac platform and our integration with Salesforce, visit, or give us a call at 866-525-8811.

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