Our Envestnet | Tamarac teams are continually focused on driving enhancements and innovations to help you move your practice forward. In our latest release, we’re excited to introduce three new improvements to our Reporting and Trading capabilities: two integrations to strengthen the client experience and one rebalancing enhancement to increase efficiency.

In our regular “What’s New from Tamarac” series, we highlight the latest innovations that support your relationships with clients and ultimately enhance your ability to personalize portfolios at scale. Here’s a look at what’s new:

1. New Integration: MoneyGuide MyBlocks Tile Now Available in the Client Portal

In a new integration to help you better identify client goals and drive goals-based planning conversations, we’ve added a MoneyGuide MyBlocks tile to the Tamarac client portal. MyBlocks offers interactive modules that allow your clients to explore their financial lives and discover powerful answers to complex questions, all in a fun way.

With this release, you can add a MyBlocks dashboard tile to the client portal dashboard. This enhancement offers clients single sign-on access to their MyBlocks account, enhancing connectivity across the board and giving you more tools to help clients through all aspects of financial planning.

2. Rebalancing Enhancements Streamline Processes

For Tamarac Trading, we showcase new Rebalance and Rebalance Summary pages that make it easier to keep portfolios aligned with client objectives. Based on RIA feedback, we now make it simpler to work with a larger number of accounts for your most valued relationships. Our new Rebalance page combines the functionality of the current Rebalance and Rebalance Review pages and, additionally, now expands filtering and page controls, introduces new productivity tools, enhances page performance, and gives you a more consistent experience.

Here’s a closer look at the enhancements:

  • Review and Approve Trades from the Rebalance Page. The beta version of our Rebalance page allows you to complete more of the rebalancing process all on one page and in a more streamlined flow. You can save time and increase efficiency when you review and approve trades directly from the new Rebalance page.
  • View Custodian Data. We’ve added the custodian data you use on the legacy Rebalance page to the beta version of the Rebalance page, improving your efficiency. This enhancement allows you to quickly see key custodian data points in your Tamarac Trading workflow.
  • Freeze Columns for Efficient Navigation. As you view account data, you can now add as many columns as you need without sacrificing clarity or efficiency. On the new Rebalance page, you can choose to freeze columns on the left side of the screen, allowing you to keep track of crucial information while scrolling horizontally to see data on the far side of the screen.

3. New Integration: Access Annuities from the Protected Income Block

Financial wellness extends beyond investments alone. In this release, we’ve made it possible to add protection and income solutions from a range of insurance carrier partners.

Now you can easily launch the Protected Income block in MoneyGuide to review and implement annuity solutions powered by FIDx. Access to this block will allow you to help clients with significant income and protection concerns, whether they are planning their retirement or already living in retirement. In addition, you can research, compare, and recommend insurance products from a variety of leading carriers. All of this is now accessible from the Household page in Tamarac Reporting.

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