Today’s high-performing Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) choose the Envestnet | Tamarac technology platform to help run their business with greater efficiency, scale, and profitability. But did you know Envestnet offers so many more opportunities to help you support the entirety of your clients’ financial needs and help make the Intelligent Financial Life™ possible?

Powerful and interconnected ecosystem

At Envestnet, we are Fully Vested in delivering the financial wellness ecosystem that enables you to connect your clients’ current finances with their long-term goals. And that ecosystem is fueled by three powerful, interconnected areas:

  • Intelligence. The ability to leverage insights and analytics to help you capture your client’s current financial situation, power their financial plans, uncover opportunities, and drive results.
  • Technology. A fully integrated, single platform experience to help you take action and run your business more efficiently.
  • Solutions. The full spectrum of tools you need to deliver greater personalization to client portfolios while also helping to grow your business.

How the Envestnet financial wellness ecosystem empowers you

With Intelligence

A comprehensive plan helps your clients make sense of their different financial needs and priorities. When coupled with data aggregation tools, you can expand your insight and ability to add value:

  • Through Envestnet | MoneyGuide, the industry’s #1 financial planning tool, you can discover new ways to use financial planning to more effectively motivate clients to create, implement, and maintain an investment strategy that best meets their lifetime financial goals.
  • Through our data aggregation and data analytics platform, we can help you gain a fuller picture of held and held-away assets to offer your clients a more holistic approach to wealth management.

With Technology

Through our Envestnet | Tamarac technology platform and its integrations with other Envestnet technologies, we help you drive your business forward and build a better client experience. A well-designed tech stack configured to your needs serves as the foundation to connect all areas of your day-to-day business:

  • Tamarac Reporting. Our award-winning reporting capabilities enable you to quickly generate sophisticated reports focused on what matters the most to you and your clients. As the central location for your clients’ assets, we provide advisor, operations, and client portals with interactive and up-to-date data, accessible from anywhere.
  • Tamarac Trading. With our portfolio rebalancing and trading application, you can build scale by implementing your best thinking across your entire client base, both quickly and efficiently.
  • Tamarac CRM. Our hub for client data is built as a firm-level cloud-based application explicitly designed for RIAs. Because the CRM is integrated with a broad range of data resources, it can provide a differentiated experience.

With Solutions

Starting with access to Envestnet’s Unified Managed Account (UMA) solution, a separately managed account (SMA)/UMA administration platform, you can consolidate the management of SMAs and UMAs and automate services you may be handling manually today. Envestnet’s UMA program also unlocks more opportunities to personalize client portfolios and deliver more integrated advice. Provide a more personalized experience that addresses your clients more sophisticated needs and preferences with access to:

  • Tax Overlay. Tax Overlay Services is a holistic tax management solution for clients wishing to mitigate the impact taxes have on their portfolios. It enables a customized, ongoing tax-optimization approach to your clients’ assets while you focus on managing their investments.
  • Impact Overlay. Impact Investing Overlay Services help you build portfolios in a more personal way based on your clients’ social preferences. Available from Envestnet | PMC, this service allows your clients to direct multiple screens aligned with an integral representation of their values.
  • Exchange Solutions. Through our exchange solutions, we’re making it easier to help you meet the totality of your clients’ needs. You can now access additional solutions like Insurance, Credit, and Trust Services in easier ways, to help you broaden the solutions you offer and better serve your clients.

Learn more

We can help you enable your clients to live an Intelligent Financial Life™. Want to discuss your unique situation? Connect with your Envestnet representative.

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