By Brian Daley

In times of market volatility, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) understand the need to monitor client portfolios and act on their investment decisions quickly and efficiently. Without the right technology partner, this can be a challenge. Envestnet | Tamarac Trading® offers the unique capability for RIAs to set specific parameters and quickly identify portfolios that need to be traded. This allows you to manage accounts proactively, handle more clients without adding more staff and significantly reduce manual trade errors.

Industry-leading trading tools support increased volumes

Our Tamarac technology platform is built for all times. You can feel confident that we are prepared for large increases in trading and transaction volumes during volatile markets. Here are a few stats to show the scale we manage:

  • Trading volume that continues to increase each year: 33 million trade orders in 2021, 28 million in 2020, and 28 million in 2019
  • Over 2 million trade orders on a single day on some of the most volatile days in 2021
  • Hundreds of accounts processed per second, on average

Improvements to Tamarac’s market-leading workflow

In 2021, we introduced a new trading workflow, rebuilt from the ground up to support higher account and trade volumes. Based on feedback from our users, we streamlined the trade workflow process. Our new Rebalance and Rebalance Summary pages are available in beta for all Tamarac Trading clients, with a full launch scheduled for Spring 2022.

Here’s a look at what’s new on our new Rebalance and Rebalance Summary pages:

  • New rebalance Workflow State indicator and grid filtering mechanisms on the main rebalance screen for greater customization
  • Easy to switch between and share Rebalance Page Views to source critical account data
  • More charts and data points to get a better snapshot of critical information like recent activity, cash reserves, and tax-related data points
  • Improved grid structure for reviewing and editing trades
  • Ability to enter trades in dollars or shares for all security types

Want to see our new rebalance workflow in action? Check out this video on the Tamarac Trading New Rebalance Workflow.

Tax tools help the management of tax-aware trading

Beyond volatile markets, your clients are focused on taxes. We know that delivering guidance to help them with their filing requirements has never been more critical. Tamarac Trading supports an Annual Capital Gains Tax Budget feature to help RIAs establish and monitor taxes or gains incurred from trading activity throughout the year. This powerful tool helps ensure you are managing your client’s assets in the most efficient manner possible. Also, when losses take place in client accounts, our Tax Loss Harvesting trade type allows you to swap into alternative products quickly while maintaining model integrity.

In addition to these tools, Tamarac has you covered with a wide array of innovative tax planning tools, including:

  • Reconciliation of open lots and custodian integration for realized gain/loss reporting
  • Comprehensive client reporting that shows current tax data
  • Cash reserves for required minimum distributions (RMDs) and periodic withdrawals
  • Tax Overlay Services and Customized Investment Solutions

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At Envestnet | Tamarac, we are vested in helping you address the key challenges you face as you evolve and grow your business. Learn more about how our robust trading and reporting platform can help you deliver the solutions you need in all market environments. Visit or connect with us at

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