By: Phill Rogerson

With Envestnet Advisor Summit 2022 in the books, we thank all the advisors who joined us on May 11-12 in Charlotte to learn more ways to Connect, Innovate and Disrupt. From more than 175 exhibitors in our Expo Hall to thought-provoking keynote sessions and various learning tracks, our “State of the RIA Marketplace” session was the most popular choice for hundreds of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) from around the country. Here’s a recap of what we covered in this session.

RIA Snapshot: By the numbers

To start this session, I discussed RIA industry trends and our team’s commitment to serving the unique needs of RIAs. At Envestnet, our goal is to engage more efficiently and effectively with you than ever before. From our Tamarac technology platform to our financial wellness ecosystem that helps connect every facet of your clients’ finances, we help you differentiate your practice and drive growth.

Did You Know…

  • The RIA Channel is the fastest growing advisor segment with more than 68,900 advisors and 17,650 firms. Of these firms, 60% manage less than $100 million in AUM.1      
  • Envestnet serves more than 2,500 RIA client firms with $1.7 trillion in total AUM.2
  • Over 35% of all RIAs managing more than $1 billion in AUM and over 40 of the largest 50 wealth management and brokerage firms partner with Envestnet | Tamarac.2

Growth, Consolidation & Your Next Move: Panel Discussion

In our panel discussion on “Growth, Consolidation & Your Next Move,” Ron Ransom, Chief Business Development Officer at Envestnet, moderated a panel of industry leaders to discuss top trends in today’s RIA space. Our goal for this discussion was to provide insights and perspectives on building a thriving business—helping RIAs assess how their practice stacks up when it comes to succeeding and growing in value.

Our featured panelists:

  • Daniel Seivert, CEO and Managing Partner at ECHELON Partners
  • Kevin DiSano, Chief Growth Officer at Beacon Pointe Advisors
  • Chris Mone, EVP and Head of Wealth Management at Wedbush

As part of this keynote session, we covered broad themes and answered critical questions on the minds of RIAs.

Building a strategy for growth is a critical path to future success

Mone from Wedbush discussed the virtues of organic versus inorganic growth and what RIAs need to consider when thinking about the options. He also talked about several ways to drive growth or create value and where he sees most RIAs focus today.

The strategic planning process requires a holistic approach

As the person responsible for driving growth at Beacon Pointe Advisors, DiSano discussed the importance of the planning process and a focus on goals. He also covered the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit to maintain ongoing growth.

The navigation of growth strategies demands an awareness of the options

Seivert from ECHELON Partners talked about how he sees different types of RIAs navigate for growth. He covered three trends he sees in the RIA space:

  • Buying/Investing (Aggregators/Consolidators and Third-Party Marketers)
  • Selling (Smaller and Aging RIAs) 
  • Somewhere in-between ($1 billion in AUM and looking to grow by either buying or selling)

Other topics covered in the panelist roundtable included:

  • What’s attractive to acquirers or investors
  • How smaller RIAs can best position themselves to monetize their business
  • Top factors that will help RIAs increase the value of their business in the future
  • Words of advice for RIAs who want to employ best practices for taking action

More Insights

For more insights from Envestnet Advisor Summit 2022, connect with us at We are Fully Vested in helping you capitalize on these trends, position your business for growth, and ultimately help your clients achieve an Intelligent Financial Life.

1 Cerulli: US RIA Marketplace 2021 (as of 2020)
2 Data as of 12/31/2021.

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