Our Envestnet | Tamarac Reporting® and Trading® teams have been hard at work rolling out enhancements to our trading and reporting capabilities. For our June release, we’re excited to highlight the latest innovations that respond to the evolving needs of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and, ultimately, the efficiency of your practice.

From Tamarac Reporting: Enhanced Performance Attribution Reporting

Performance attribution is one of the ways RIAs can review the strategies in clients’ portfolios and evaluate the effectiveness of individual positions and security categories. In this release, we’ve added features to our Position Performance report that let you review attribution data related to positions and categories, such as average weight and contribution. We’ve also added a way to review performance attribution and share this information with your clients through a new Performance Attribution PDF report, available on our PDF Dashboard.

This Performance Attribution dashboard section lets you create a summary of the top or bottom positions for an account or group, ranked by either average weight, contribution, or return. You can then add a total row to the report, a unique feature that lets you see the cumulative impact of the listed positions or categories. This report helps you answer questions such as:

  • What are the highest returning securities or security categories? What are the lowest?
  • How much are the highest and lowest returning securities contributing to the overall portfolio?
  • How do the top contributors compare to their weight within the portfolio?

From Tamarac Trading: Integration with Proposals and Service Requests

On the Tamarac Trading side, we’re deepening the integration between the Envestnet platform and the Tamarac platform so that you can take advantage of Tamarac’s user-friendly look and feel to access information on the Envestnet platform. These enhancements are only available to firms using our unified managed account solution. (Learn more about our managed account capabilities here.)

In this release, we’ve added new ways to connect between the platforms to help you find Envestnet clients, proposals, and service requests within the Tamarac platform.

  • The new Proposals page lets you view information about your proposals on the Envestnet platform. You can see a summary of your active and completed proposals, then click the proposal’s name, and a new window takes you directly to that proposal on the Envestnet platform. Click the client’s name, and a new window takes you directly to that client record on the Envestnet platform. In addition, you can quickly start a new proposal by clicking “Create New Express Proposal.”
  • The new Service Requests page lets you see information about your service requests on the Envestnet platform. You can now conveniently access this page where you access your Envestnet proposals.

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At Envestnet | Tamarac, we are vested in helping you address the key challenges you face as you evolve and grow your business. Learn how our robust reporting and trading solutions can help you deliver the performance tools and resources you need. Visit Envestnet.com/RIA or connect with us at RIASales@envestnet.com.

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