By: Phill Rogerson

At a recent exclusive online webinar launch event, “Managing Credit as Strategically as Investments Just Got Easier: Introducing the Envestnet Credit Exchange,” I was pleased to announce a new and valuable resource to Envestnet | Tamarac advisors: the ability to help meet client demand for credit advice. The Envestnet Credit Exchange, powered by Advisor Credit Exchange’s digital loan platform (ACx), empowers Tamarac advisors to help clients manage credit as strategically as they manage investments.

For our webinar launch event, I was joined by Bill Cassidy, Managing Director, Strategic Accounts at Advisor Credit Exchange, and Brandon Scott, RIA Business Development Associate at Advisor Credit Exchange. Our event drew Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) from around the country interested in learning how to add diverse lending solutions to their toolkits to support becoming fully integrated wealth managers helping them differentiate their practice and drive growth.

Here’s a recap of what we covered:

RIA Marketplace Overview

I started by providing an overview of the RIA marketplace and where we see the latest trends in the evolving social behaviors of investors, especially the demand for personalization and services and solutions on their terms. I then covered how Envestnet’s Financial Wellness Ecosystem is built to help you run your business more efficiently, turn data into intelligence to power your business, and help you optimize client portfolios. My introductory remarks concluded with a discussion on the need to focus on your clients’ credit needs as you think about the growth of your practice.

The Need for Credit Advice

Cassidy then joined the session and discussed the significant gaps between the services investors desire and the services they actually receive. Research shows that 84% of clients expect their advisor to provide loan and credit management advice. Despite that expectation, only 4% of clients report they receive lending advice from their advisor.1 Cassidy covered four reasons why advisors typically fail to provide the credit advice and lending solutions their clients are looking for, including lack of awareness, limited choice, fear of a negative client experience, and uncertainty around lender service levels, and how all these concerns can be addressed with the Envestnet Credit Exchange.

Cassidy explained how the Envestnet Credit Exchange empowers Tamarac users to deliver advice-driven financing to help clients manage both sides of the balance sheet by gaining instant access to a broad range of pre-selected loan options from a highly select group of lending partners.

He covered three key benefits the Envestnet Credit Exchange provides:

  • A curated choice of lenders in each loan category, chosen both for product options and for their ability to provide a high-quality client experience
  • Pre-selected loans for underwriting and pricing/terms, which you may access before speaking with your client, ensuring your client only sees what you want them to see and has a positive experience working with you
  • A streamlined digital process that is backed by a team of subject-matter experts available to answer your questions, helping you provide professional, knowledgeable lending advice back to your client

Resources to Get Started: Making Credit a Part of Your Practice

Scott concluded the webinar with a platform demonstration for how the exchange works and the 360-degree advisor engagement and support designed to help develop you into a financing and liquidity strategic resource. He wrapped up the event by sharing his five “best practice” tips for getting started, including the availability of a dedicated ACx regional lending team to support you through the process.

Learn More

In case you missed our exclusive online launch event, “Managing Credit as Strategically as Investments Just Got Easier: Introducing the Envestnet Credits Exchange for Tamarac Users,”:

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To learn more about how you can manage credit as strategically as investments with the Envestnet Credit Exchange, connect with us at

1. “Market Insights 2022,” Spectrem Group,

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